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Customer testimonials

Christophe Boulet, BRIDGESTONE Western Europe Supply Chain Director (now Guerlain Logistics Director)
Mission : to define and implement forecasting processes
Satisfaction rate : 100%”
“LEON helped us to structure our sales forecasting process and identify the essential steps in the process.
We were thus able to raise awareness among all stakeholders of the importance of such a process.
Their approach and methodology were very well received by our teams.
They created a climate of trust that was essential to the smooth running of the project.”

Ludovic Chapelle, Supply Chain Director of ROLESCO
Mission : audit of the current logistics provider and outsourcing to another provider
Satisfaction rate : 100%.
“We thank LEON for their involvement in our project, which enabled us to identify a good service provider and to frame the start in the best way.”
David Vivien, Director of Operations of BEISSIER
Mission : logistics audit
Mission satisfaction rate : 100%
“Beyond the subject itself, the exchanges and the questioning forced us to work on everyday data/indicators.
We get a better perception of the situation.”

Thierry Briane, Director of the NEXANS la Verpillière site
Mission : logistics audit
Satisfaction rate: 97%
“LEON has demonstrated great rigour in the analysis and audit of the suply chain processes.
They were relevant in measuring the maturity of the supply chain and concerned to present realistic action plans by integrating the necessary change management risk elements.”

Sylvain Bossé, Supply Chain Director SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC General Public (nowadays IKKS Supply Chain Director)
Mission : supply chain transformation
Satisfaction rate : 95% ”
“LEON has actively supported us in our transformation project.
They have been able to take our teams out of their daily lives to give us another vision of our problems.
The action plan and change management were carried out effectively thanks to benevolent support and a lot of listening to the team.”

Beatriz Martin, SVA Supply Chain Manager, AGROMOUSQUETAIRES GROUP
Mission : supply chain transformation
Mission satisfaction rate : 90%
“It has been a pleasure to work with LEON. They really helped us with the cultural change to do in the company.”
Jean-Louis Lamidon, Logistics Director, EMEA BRIDGESTONE
Mission : warehouse automation study
Mission satisfaction rate : 89%
“LEON successfully supported us in the structuring phase of the project, thanks to their technical and organizational expertise.”
Anne-Claude Guibé : Supply Chain Director, GROUPE MONIN
Mission : supply chain audit
Satisfaction rate : 86%
“The first analysis of the existing situation with LEON was successful. We are therefore continuing our collaboration with LEON on the implementation of the planning process.”
Jérôme Lecuyer : Administrative and Financial Director of AgroMtransport, GROUPE AGROMOUSQUETAIRES
Mission : support for the creation of AgroMtransport, transport service provider
Satisfaction rate: 86%
“Satisfactory support in terms of project management (planning, monitoring of actions, preparation of media and communications) and the implementation of IT tools, but with room for improvement in terms of the contribution of business expertise in certain more technical areas of the operation (legal and financial).”